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What is the proper path to teshuvah for one who has Gd forbid committed the sin of mishkav zachar? Does this person have any hope? What is he to do to do teshuvah for this heinous sin, and are there any known tikkunim related to it?

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This obviousely is a seroius sin, and it is good that you want to do teshuva for it. The first thing is that you should remember to do the three main parts of teshuva, which are 1. Charata- remorse over what you did. 2. Viuduy- to confess and verbalize to H-shem (and not anyone else) that you regret what you did and that you will not do it again. 3. Kabala al ha’asid-  That you have take postive steps and do something that will help yourself that you shouldn’t do this again. Such as make sure to avoid the type of situation that caused you to slip. Additionally as a kapara for the aveiro, be mekabel on yourself to learn sometrhging extra, more then you learn now, as the posuk says “b’chesed v’emes yichupar avon”, emes is torah and extra torah elearning atones for sins.

May H-shem help you that this shold not happen again, and you should grow in torah and yiras shomayim.


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