Hello, Can you please advise, A milk silicon spatula was used to cook fish in a fleishige frying pan together with other pareve items. There was a substantial amount of water in the pan. A milky fork was also used but I don’t know which fork it was.

Is the fish milky or meaty or not allowed to be eaten at all. And are the keilim going to need kashering?


If the spatula, fork and frying pan were not used within the last 24 hours for hot milchig or fleishig, then in retrospect they are not trief and you can continue using them. The fish is not milky or meaty, but since you don’t know what it is, it is better to eat it with pareve untensils. Additionally, if you are not sure if it was used or not , you can assume that it was not used with the last 24 hours.

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