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Paying the mikah


Erev Yom tov I mentioned to go to a a cheaper mikvah but it was already closed. So I was forced to go to the other mikvah,the satmar mikvah which was double the price. The worker at the end let me in. The shalai is am I chayuv to pay the other half for two reasons number one the water was cold since the mikvah was about to close I didn’t get my money worth and number two the satmar rebbe ztl said anyone who can’t afford to pay can go for free


If you used th mikva, you have to pay the price they charge, especially if you knew beforehand that theis is what they charge. If you want to try and knock down the price, because the wter was cold of because you claim to be poor, speak to the person that runs the mikva and see what he says.

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