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Looking at one’s wife when she is a niddah


If a women normally sleeps at night in shorts and a tshirt when she is tahor, may she do so when she is a niddah, since her husband is used to seeing her sleep this way during the rest of the time, perhaps these parts of her body are not considered “covered” similar to the heterim brought for sleeping without a head covering.

Also, what about a women who is stringent to always wear tights when outside, but in the home walks around in a skirt just past the knees without any socks etc. So the bottom of her leg and foot are exposed, Would it be allowed for her to dress this way when niddah?


My apologies that it took some time to get back to you, as I was away for some time.

Regarding your question. There is controversy regarding if a man may see his wife’s uncovered hair when she is a nida, numerous poskim prohibit it, however R’ Moshe Feinstein says that it is permitted. He said this though only for hair as is evident in his teshuva, because he holds that hair is more leneint in certain ways, and it would not be applicable for other covered parts of the body.

Regarding her wearing socks. according to many poskim since it is a place that is usually covered although the husband should not gaze at it, he is allowed to see it when she is a nida, and prefferably she should not dress this way when she is a nida.

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R’ Eider pg. 134, Perach Yisroel (R’ S. Forst) pg. 105, poskim.

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