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Hatov Umaeitiv on a car


I recently bought a car and as I understand it since my wife also benefits from it I should be saying a Hatov Umeitiv on it, however originally I was not happy about the car we bought so I didn’t initially make the bracha. I have since gotten over that feeling (it may have been due to the fact that the car was replacing a totaled car that I really liked) and I want to know if I can still make the Bracha on it and if it should be with Shem UMalchus? Its been 29 days as of now (Aug 22) if that matters. Also would it matter if the purchase “wasn’t complete” I still have temporary plates on it because I haven’t received the title yet.


My apologies that it took some time to get back to you.

Regarding your question, you do not have to make the bracha, since at the time that you bought it, you were not excited about it, even though now you are excited about it, but it is no longer new. If you want you can always say the bracha without the Shem  U’malchus. The fact that you didn’t get the official title yet will not matter here since you are using it, and the excitement doesn’t come from the formality of getting the title.

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Conversation with R’ Stiztberg shlit”a, author of Sharei Habracha

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