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Is Perek Shira a form of Tefilla?


I find it very hard to daven the standard tefillos bec of their time constraints with raising little kids and working full time. I find I feel close to H-Shem through Perek Shira, can it be used “instead” of tefilla?
I’ve been saying it in the evening, is that permissible? Also is there a mekor for saying Perek Shira for 40 days?


A married woman that is very busy, should at least say brachos in the morning, primarily birkas hatorah, which includes a praise to H-shem and a request. Perek Shira is a form of tefillah, but not what is needed for a person’s daily requirment. If saying Perek Shira makes you feels close to H-shem you shold definitely continue saying it, and you can say it in the evening, just add brachos in the morning.

There are those who recommend saying perek shira fror 40 days, however I am not aware of a mekor.

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O:CH 106-2 Halichos Bas Yisroel- 2.

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