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Picking Fruits in Israel


I’m considering going to a pick-your-own berry farm in Israel, but I am concerned that I will be violating several mitzvot and halachot while picking. Do I need to worry about all of the different mitzvot such as orlah, neta revai, terumah and maaser? Do I need to worry about peret (or is this just for grapes)? How should I deal with each issue?

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You are asking a very good question. Yes you do have to make sure that none of the special mitzvos of Eretz Yisroel are violated. The biggest issue would be orlah, neta rivai issue meaning that you should verify that the trees that you are picking from were not replanted in the last three years. Regarding terumos umaasros, you can pick a fruit off the tree and eat it there without taking of terumos umaasros, however if you put them into a container etc. then terumos umaasros has to be taken before eating them. Peret will not apply

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