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Thanks so much for taking the time to help.
My question is: Is it ok to work in a stationary store that may sell non-jewish religious items during non-jewish holidays? I am considering applying to work at a store that sells stationary and gift items, and I’m trying to think of potential halachic issues of working there…if they should sell a statue of a avoda zara, is it prohibited to take it from the customer to gift wrap it? (It mostly sells stationary and calendars, journals, etc. but if I start working there, I want to know if I would be ok to keep working there, or should quit if halacha says to do so…)


It is permitted, because the statues are not being used for avoda zara, but only for decorative purposes. If it is something that will be bowed down to, then it will be problematic, but that isn’t likely.


Yora Deah 141-1.

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