Quoting Nechemiah 2:8, Arachin 6a discusses what contributions can be accepted from a gentile towards a jewish building. The verse is talking about the gates of the castle belonging to the Beis Hamikdosh rather than the Beis Hamikdosh itself.
The Gemoro mentions bedek habayis (upkeep of the Beis Hamikdosh), but in Nechemiah’s time the Beis Hamikdosh had been finished and they were building the wall. Is there a difference in how we treat contributions from gentiles with respect to holy or secular structures? I’m looking at the Artscroll. The comment on 6a1 talks about helping Nechemiah to recommence the building of the second Temple.
Please let me know if this is still unclear.


Thank you. Now I understand you better.

The gemorah was discussing when donations from gentiles are accepted. The gemorah said that we can accept a donation from a gentile for something that is not specific, and only when it won’t interfere with the building itself, regardless if it was for the actual Bais Hamikdash or for the walls. Originally the gemorah said that if the donation is at the beginning of the building then it would interfere, but at the end of the building we are not afraid. The gemorah then asks from the beginning of the building of the walls, and to that the gemorah answers that since it was decreed by a king we are not afraid and therefore we can accept a donation from a gentile at the beginning of the building.

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