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suing another Jew in secular court- lose olam abah?


Thank you for your help.
I learned that it is prohibited to sue another Jew in secular court. (would this be informing?) My question is if a company (that may or may not have Jewish people on the board of directors) brings suit against another Jew in a secular court, may the Jew being sued go ahead and counter sue as a defense? Would this impact their olam abah due to informing? (they would be counter suing a company entity)
Thank you again.


If possible, the best thing when the other party is a Jew is to go to beis din and ask them to send a notice to the one who sued you in court to the effect that you wish to have your case judged in beis din. If the other party then answers that he isn’t going to beis din then they’ll give you permission to pursue your case in court both the defense and the offense. I wonder if this makes sense in your situation where there is perhaps one Jewish director-they probably never heard about beis din and would laugh it off. Furthermore, even if they do have one Jewish director if there is no Jew who has a significant amount of stock then the comp is non-Jewish even if they would have one Jewish director since directors don’t necessarily have many shares. Therefore, most probably can countersue.

Yosef Fleishman

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