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If one is eating by someone on Shabbos and one is not served a certain dish that there is a halacha or an inyan to eat (e.g. fish, or wine by shalosh seudos), may one politely request it in order to comply with the halacha, or is it better not to?


There is no halacha that we must eat anything on habbos except to wash and eat bread by the meals. If you want to eat fish, meat or other foods that have inyonim to them, you will have to delicately balance if your asking will in some way embarrass or make your host feel uncomfortable.

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  1. Usually if one asks for a small sip of wine so that he can make a blessing during shalosh seudos, this will not embarrass the host? The Mishna Berura mentions that it is praiseworthy to drink wine by shalosh seudos, and certainly frum people usually have wine, and all I need for the bracha is a sip.

    1. True. I was referring to asking for meat or fish, which your host might or might now have, and could possibly get embarrassed.

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