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My daughter got engaged and I said to her that I would pay for her Chatan’s guests at the wedding because his parents are in financial difficulty. Can I pay this out of Ma’aser money? For clarification I am not intending to pay for any part of my wedding expenses out of Ma’aser. Only that part of the wedding expenses that should be paid by the Chatan’s parents, but which they cannot pay because they are in financial difficulty. Thanks, Shimshon


Mazal Tov. You should have a lot of nachat from the young couple.

Regarding your question, if you obligated yourself to pay for the chatan’s guest then you would not be allowed to take it from ma’aser, since you already obligated yourself to do it. However if you didn’t obligate yourself, (and by merely telling your daughter that you will pay for the other guest is not considered obligating yourself) then you may take it from ma’aser. Since the other side is a poor family.

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