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Eruv in a non Jewish Hotel on Shabbat


Hello. I am staying in a non Jewish Hotel over Shabbat. I know for a fact that there are other Jews in the same hotel. There is no eating facilities in the room. All Jews will eat out. There are however non Kosher restaurants in the Lobby.
Since none of the Jews eat in the hotel, can we say that they are not considered as “living” in the hotel and therefore, being only populated by non Jews and therefore would not require an Eruv?


There is a Chazon Ish that a place that is not made for eating is considered a chatzer, however to apply that to a hotel room is really stretching it, because it is very possible to eat in a hotel room as many people order room service. Therefore you should rent the hallways etc. from the manager in regard to carrying there for shabbos and make an eruv chatzeiros. I know a kashrus professional that hallways packs in a box of matzos whenever he travels to the Far East, specifically for this purpose.

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