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Receiving the right information from a shop’s owner



I asked a owner of mobile phone’s store (a religious Jew) about opening a new telephone line. The owner answered me by telling me that company “X” is very good and costs 30 Shekels a month.

I knew about another company, as good as the first one, which costs only 10 Shekels a month.

When I told him that his answer was: “Fine, we will do it with that company.”

My question: is it acceptable al pi halakha to give such (not good) information? Is it too much to ask a shop’s owner to give the best advice in the interest of his costumers?

Thank you for your answer!


It could very well be that the store owner did give you correct advice, based on his experience, with differant people that were in differant areas, and didn’t have good reception there. Personally I have experienced where a cheaper companies reception was not as good as the more expensive ones.

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