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While listening to my husband recite havadallah, I was distracted my the dripping the candle during the last Bracha of hamavdil and while i heard every word, I wasn’t paying full attention. Not realizing, I answered amein after the Bracha, making myself yotzei his Bracha though I missed a few words (of the body of the Bracha, not the final Baruch ata.. )
Since I answered amein and cannot say it again for myself and have no body else to hear it from, can I assume I can be yotzei this Bracha since I cannot fulfill my requirement any other way and j heard the final Bracha? How is it best to proceed from here once the mistake is made?


Being that you had in mind to be yotza and you did hear it, so you were yotza.

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  1. though I missed a few words (of the body of the Bracha,

    The question does not indicate which words were missed.
    Can the rav provide sources that one is yotzi?

    Rabbi Dovid Ribiat writes explicitly in Lamed Tes Melachos that one who spaced out when listening to a bracha is not yotzi, and this is especially so when the lady missed a few words.

    1. She says that she heard all the words.

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