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I feel confused



I feel that everything I do on a daily basis goes wrong, as a family too, I try to work and you don’t leave things to me, like my parents we are economically stagnant and I feel that something is not going well, even the hamsa of my house mysteriously appeared destroyed by insects, I’m very confused


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You sound very distraught, and it feels like everything is going wrong. It is very difficult when lots of things go wrong, because we feel abandoned. The problems will not last forever though, and the will all go away, our job though is to stay strong and realize that even when things are tough, H-shem is still with us, and protecting us from far. In tehillim it says “l’hagid baboker chasdecha, v’emunascha b’lailos”, we sing H-shem’s praises when it is the “morning”, the daytime, everything is great and it looks like the sun is shining on us in everything that we do. However b’lailos- when life appears to be dark and like nighttime – then we have to concentrate on emuna – our rock solid belief that H-shem knows what he is doing and this will eventually turn out to be for the good.

If you would like an exercise to help you realize that even when thing look bad, H-shem is still with us, try this. Write down twenty five things that you have in your life, your husband, children job house, eyes clothing, ears, hands, etc. Then extend the list to fifty. After that read over the list, and you will see that you really have a lot to be thankful for.

Keep strong – H-shem is with you.

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