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Borer in sweeping floor


I have a broom that is mixed with other items in a way that constitutes a mixture, and I would like to remove it to sweep crumbs off the floor on shabbos. I personally don’t mind that there are crumbs on the floor, but someone else does not like them. Would I be allowed to remove the broom to sweep the floor when the person is not around, and will only return later? In other words, is this considered a miyad usage of borer of ochel mitoch pesoles, since the person who will really benefit from the clean floor will only be returning later?


The junk inside the broom is not ochel, but p’soles, because you want to remove it in to make the broom useable to sweep. Therefore even for immediate use, it would not be permitted.

There is however another reaon why you can remove th dirt that is inside the broom, because it is considered dereh lichluch and not derech borer, since it is the norm that a broom gets dirty and needs to be cleaned, similar to washing forks, that it isn’t considered borer, because this is the norm that they get dirty and then get cleaned.  When removing the dirt tough you haveto be careful for muktza though and not remove it with you hands.

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