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Pop up Sukkah, Glass Succah


I had two questions :

1) If one would use all glass walls for their sukkah would that be kosher,or the walls need to provide shade as well ,and needs to be nikar that there is a wall?

2) Can one dismantle a pop-up sukkah on chol hamoed?

Tizku L’mitzvos



  1. It is the schach that has to provide the shade, not the walls. Therefore if the walls are kasher, the fact that the sun comes in does not matter.
  2. I am assuming that you are asking in the context that you are going let say on a trip on Chol Hamoed, and you will assemble it and you want to know if it can be disassembled on Chol Hamoed. Assuming that the succah and schach are kasher to use, it is permitted since it is made for short term use and made to be erected and dismantled constantly.


Piskei Teshvos 538 ftnt.10, Poskim.

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