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I am getting paid to daven in a minyan where there are 6 or 7 mispallelim (others are just sitting). I am also getting paid to learn beforehand. However, I am makpid to daven with a minyan of ten mispalellim. There is a beautiful minyan available to me where there are many dozens of mispallelim, and instead I go to a place where there are 6 or 7. Should I quit the job or continue going to the b’dieved minyan to make money? Would it depend on how desperately I need the money?

Note that I was not asked to help the minyan; rather, I called the rav and asked to join the kollel, and part of the deal is (apparently) davening there. I am sure they can manage without me the same way they were managing until last Friday when I joined.


Maybe ask the Rov if you can daven somewhere else, and see what he says.



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