I got dirty on Friday night and I was very uncomfortable. It was a pretty big mess so I tried washing washing myself one ever at a time with soap water in cup but some water got on my foot, so is that a issur and also the sink I used alot of times when it turns on its hot water I may have turned on hot water on purpose and also im worried things that I did to clean up I may have been mchalel shabbos bsogeg is Yom Kippur michaper michalel shabbos bshogeg?  I’m nervous about it and also if chas vsholom lo ulenu vloalechem somone did something bsogogeg and punishment is כרת is yom kippur michaper?


There is no issur for your foot to get wet on shabbos.

Regarding the other question, you seem to contradict yourself. You wrote that you turned the hot water on on purpose, but then you ask if  Yom Kippur is mechaper on a shogeg? Regardless, do teshuva, by having charata for what you did, viduy, and kabala al ha’asid, by learning some hilchos Shabbos, to increase your shabbos awareness.

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