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gud achis under a deck/balcony


Kvod HaRav, on Shabbos with no eruv, can one carry from the house ground floor out a door to the area under a deck/balcony? The deck has walls taller than 10 tefachim, so do we say gud achis and view those walls as if they “extend” to the ground? I assume pi tikra does not apply since there are not 2 solid walls making a “L” shape. Thank you.


For an eruv to work it needs that the bottom 3 tefachim are enclosed to the degree that a goat can not get thru it, therefore we cannot say gud achis by an eruv (or by succah).

Kesiva V’chasima Tova



Mishna Succah 16a, Shabbos 101a, O:CH 530-9, M:B 530- 45.

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