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Chol Hamoed Work


We purchased a new house and had lots of leaking from the roof – mould etc. The Contractor has been a nightmare.
The kablan has agreed to bring a roofer to repair the roof and has asked to do so during Chol Hamoed before the rainy season.

Is this considered a Dvar Avad as we are not sure if they would if it rains after.

Thank you


The work should not be done on . If it is a davar ha’aved is skeptical, because it might just not rain, and it usually doesn’t rain in E. Yisroel during Succos. Additionally, Chol Hamoed is in three weeks, meaning that we want to plan the repair now to be done specifically during Chol Hamoed, which is called mechaven melachto b’moed. When work is planned for Chol Hamoed even if it will be a davar ha’aved it is not permitted on Chol Hamoed.  (I can understand why the kablan would wants to do it then… because he can’t work for any other chareidi, because they won’t let him do work for them on Chol Hamoed!)

May HKB”H help you get your roof repaired in a correct successful fashion, and you should have a lot of success in your new home.


Shulchan Aruch O:CH 537-16, 538-1

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