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Lashon Hara Bal Teshuva


Thank you for your help.
My question is: Is it lashon hara for a bal teshuva to say in social settings that they are a bal teshuva, or does this transgress any laws of not speaking lashon hara because to say that one is bal teshuva indicates that the family of origin is not (yet…please G-d soon) observant. The question is in reference to social settings, like attending a kiddush, or Shabbaton…
Thanks again, Shanah Tova!


If the baal teshuva saying that he is baal teshuva doesn’t mind, the fact that there is an inference that his parents are not frum, is not lashon hora. First of all they don’t mind that this be said about them. Secondly, it isn’t certain from the fact that the son did teshuva, that this parents are not frum, he might have been raised in a frum home and them went off, and came back on.

Best Wishes and a kesiva vchasima tova.

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