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Beis Din for Hataras Nedarim comprised of non observant Jew


Is hataras nedarim performed with a Beis Din in which one of the judges is not Shomer Shabbos valid? Does it matter how many judges are non Shomer Shabbos?


A Jew who is not Shomer Shabbos can not be matir neder. This is because he doesn’t understand the concepts of nedarim, pesash and charata. Even according to those poskim who hold that it is alright if he is no versed in the halachos of nedarim, if he isn’t observant it is worse because he doesn’t even feel that a neder is binding.

Gmar Chasima Tova


Yerushalayim B’moadeha (Yerach Ha’esanim) pg. 157.

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