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Gas stove on Yom Tov


Is one allowed to turn on a gas stove on yom tov by turning the gas knob and then using an existing candle to light the flame. My stove does have a button that lights the flame using electricity by I would use a candle instead on yom tov. Is this allowed?


Yes you can. The rule with making a fire on Yom Tov is that we may not create a new flame, i.e. making a spark, but we can light something from an existing flame, such as lighting the stove from a lit candle. It is important to note that this is specifically since your stove has a special button to make the sparks to light the fire, and when you don’t press it, no spark is created. There are however stovetops that automatically activate the spark when the gas knob is turned on, which is problematic to ignite on Yom Tov.

Have a gmar chasima tova


Beitza 33a, Shulchan Aruch 502-1

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  1. There may be a halachic issue with the new type of gas stoves, whereby a safety valve placed in them to prevent gas leakage. The issue is that when you turn on the fire, this creates an electrical current (which serves to keep the valve open as long as the fire is burning), even if the stove is not connected to any electricity.

    I note that there are those who make light of the issue, but they are very controversial.

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