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Rav MOshe Vaye, regarding bugs in Schach

in the last 2 YEARS, I have seen the flourishing in sales (in Israel) of the NEW, BUG FREE, Slat-style Scach (Top Kashruth, Eidah I think) that is SOLID wood slats, treated and guaranteed to stay bug free.
I realize without a CAVITY for the critters to enter, this is a game changer.
OR…have problems with bugs surfaced outside MY daled amot?

Thanks for the reply.


I am not aware of what this schach is about. You can call 073-295-1387 and listen to a shiur from R’ Vaye on the matter. As of today it is the most recent shiur. Alternitively of it has a Badatz Eida Hachareidis, you can call them at 02-670-0200, and ask for updated information.

Gmar chasima tova.


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  1. The Shiur is in Hebrew. That is why I am writing your site. If you look at the SUKKAH places, the THIN ROLL of Scach is new. 1/2 the size, and USUALLY one is open for viewing.
    I thought Rav Vaye was associated here, and if so and YOU CAN ASK HIM, I believe it would help all of us as for the efficacy of this newer Scach, with BUG-FREE status.
    If not, does the Rav have an email you can send me?

    1. We use his psakim, but he isn’t associted with the site, in the sence that I can contact him easier that anyone else. Nevertheless, if it is hard for you to understand the shiur, I will try to look into it.

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