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Drink vs. food in Halacha


My understanding is that On Yom Kippur, the pachos mi’keshiur amounts of food and drink are independent of each and that one can simultaneously eat and drink a pachos mi’keshiur of both. My question is, what constitutes food? Is jello a food?Slush? I am trying to get the most liquid value for a choleh with pachos mi’keshiur of both drink and food. Thank you!


Jello – The poskim say that it depends on how solid it is. If it is solid then it is considered a food, but if it is melting then it is considered a liquid.

A few side points, if you are looking for nutrients, grape juice is a good idea, because it contains grape sugar. Also, drinking shiurim will give the person a lot of liquids, close to drinking a eight ounce cup every hour, 240 ml an hour, which is more than most people drink on an average day. Additionally, technically a person that has to eat or drink on Yom Kippur should find out from his doctor, how much they need, and then divide that amount into “shiurim”. For example, if the doctor says that the person needs about ½ liter of liquids, should be careful and not just drink a liter worth of shiurim that way.

Slush- is considered a liquid. To explain- it melt’s in the person’s mouth, it is slurped with a straw, and it isn’t fully frozen.



Poskim. For more information on this topic see Nishmas Avrohom O:CH 512-6, Toras Hayoledes chap. 52, for more example of different foods.

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