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Sea Bands on Shabbos


On Shabbos or Yom Kippur, would it be permissible to wear “sea bands”? Sea bands are cloth wristbands with some elastic to make them somewhat tight. They also have a round plastic bead on the inside, meant to continually press a “pressure point” in the middle of one’s middle wrist, which prevents or reduces nausea. (That’s why they are popular for preventing sea sickness.) I’ve found they can be helpful during fasting to avoid feeling nauseated. Are they allowed, or is this in the category of impermissible “healing”? Thanks!


If you are doing in order to prevent becoming nauseous, it isn’t included in the issue of taking medication since it is only preventive. As a side point why do you need to use them on a regular Shabbos so you don’t get nauseated?

If you put it on your wrist before Yom Kippur or Shabbos it is definitely alright. In fact even if you put it on before you start feeling nauseous, it is permitted, but not after you start feeling nauseous, because then it is similar to medications, which we don’t take on shabbos.

Have an easy fast.


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