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Lack of kavana in passuk of “Poseiach es yadecha” in Ashrei


If one forgot to have kavana while saying the passuk of “poseiach es yadecha,,,” during Ashrei, what should he do? What if one already completed the entire Ashrei tefillah and then remembered that he forgot to have kavana?


If one did not have kavana while saying the posuk “posiach es yodecha…” he should go back and say it again with kavana. If he already finished saying ashrei (but he is still in middle of pesukei d’zimra) he should still go back and say “posaiach es…” with kavana abnd comtinue until the end of ashrei, and then go back to where you were holding. If going back to say “posaiach es… will cause you to miss starting shemona esrei with the tzibur then say from “posaiach es… until the end of ashrei after Shemona Esrei.


Shulchan Aruch O:CH 51-7, M:B 51-16, Igros Moshe O:CH 2-16.

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