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Does H-shem have a right and left hand?


Does H-shem have a right and left hand?


One of the 13 principles of the Jewish faith is that H-shem is not physical, and does not have a physical body. The question then is, so what does it mean when the Torah alludes to H-shem’s right hand? The answer is since H-shem is a spiritual being, the idea of a “hand” or ” eyes”, “ears”, etc.  are reffered to when the torah wants to express H-shem’s actions in a way that we can understand it. For example, H-shem hears, as the verse says, (Psalms 94-9) “He created ears, obviously He hears, He created eyes, obviously He sees”. However since He isn’t physical, He doesn’t have a physical eyeball etc., as we do, however He does see. In the same sense, H-shem has a right and left hand.

Regarding the differance between H-shem’s right and left hand, the kabbalists say that the right hand, which symbolizes strength, (as most people are right handed), refers to the attribute of doing and bestowing kindness, (chesed) and  the left hand the attribute of judgement (gevura or din).

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