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Brushing hair on Shabbos


I have a special soft brush/comb just for shabbos is there any issue of getting my hair wet and combing my hair with this special brush/ com. ?


There are two issues with using a brush or comb Shabbos. One is that they will inevitably pull out hairs while brushing etc. However if you have a brush with very soft bristles, and they will bend instead of pulling out any hairs that are knotted, then technically it would be permitted.

Secondly, if your hair or the brush are wet, it will squeeze out the water from between the hairs or bristles. Therefore even if you have a soft brush, and its bristles are soft and it should not be used when your hair or the brush is wet.

Even if the brush has very soft bristles and it is dry, there are a few conditions. The brush may not be used in a strong or excessive manner because even if the bristles are very soft, if they are used in a strong manner or in an excessive way then they will inevitably pull out hairs and it is prohibited. Therefore only a few light strokes may be made. Additionally you should “test drive” the brush before Shabbos and brush your hair to verify that even the soft brush will not pull out any hairs, because if it does, it may not be used on Shabbos.

Also the brush that you are using should be designated for Shabbos use.

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