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tree of life and tree of knowledge


what is tree of life and tree of knowledge ? how to understand it ?
2) why who created all put angel to protect tree of life? after


  1. The tree of life was a tree that if one ate from its fruits he would not be able to die. The commentators have different opinions about this. Some say that it was simply because it has things inside it that caused a person should stay healthy and not die. The tree of knowledge on the other hand was a tree that caused evil to enter the person’s body. We now that “we are what we eat” because the food we eat gets absorbed in the blood and then circulates to the whole body. Ramchal says (Derech H-shem) that since Adam ate from the tree of knowledge, in a way he injected his body with evil. Therefore in order for him to attain the original purity that he was given, he has to die, and the physical body that he tainted has to disintegrate, and when the right time comes H-shem will rebuild his body in a truly pure way.
  2. In order for the above process to happen, man has to die etc., and if he will eat from the tree of life, he will not be able to undergo this cleansing process, therefore H-shem placed angles to protect the tree of life from being eaten, so man will not harm himself more, and his sin will be able to be rectified.

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