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Missed end of havadallah


If I couldn’t clearly hear the full Bracha of hamavdil during havadallah, and didn’t answer amein so I could repeat it and be yotzei, but I already heard the other brachot and said amein, do I say another Bracha over the wine so I can repeat the hamavdil Bracha over wine? Or can I just say the Bracha with no wine since I already answered amein to borei pri hagafen?


When we say the bracha of havmavdil we say it on a cup of wine, that is why we say the bracha of hafogen first. Therefore since you have to make the bracha of hamavdil you would say it on a cup of wine (or grape juice) and then say hamavdil. The other brachos should not be said,as you were yotza them already.

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