I have a disability that is not visible but qualifies me for reduced fare on public transportation. I have a card issued, that I need to present to the bus driver when paying the reduced fare. The card just has my name with no photo. Is there an issue of potential chillul H-shem, as I’m an obviously orthodox Jew, who seems like he’s trying to game the system by “claiming” a disability, or do I not have to worry about what the driver or other passengers might think?

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When someone sees you with an official card, the simple interpretation of it is that it is legitimate, if someone wants to twist what is straight into something crooked, which is not your issue. Maris ayin and chillul H-shem is when you do something that looks bad, but here you aren’t’ doing anything that looks bad, it is only because of a twisted interpretation so it is permitted. If you want to do extra, you can have a photo ID on you to show the bus driver if he wants.

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