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Where to daven


Is it better to daven in a large minyan (brov am) or in a struggling minyan, where one can also comply with the mitzvah of chessed (by helping the minyan)? If one feels that he davens better in the large minyan, is that a justification for not going to the struggling minyan? Is one obligated to attend the struggling minyan, or is it merely an optional mitzvah of chesed? Is it valid to attend the struggling minyan only sometimes, despite requests from the rav to attend more frequently? Or is one obligated to assist them every time?


There is an inyan of doing chesed with the smaller minyan, but if the bigger minyan is better for your concentration it is preferable to daven there. You can assist the smaller minyan occasionally but you don’t have to daven there all the time, especially since you feel that you can daven better in the other shul.

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