If someone is eating in his car on the way to work but then needs the bathroom so he doesn’t want to say a bracha achrona. After using the bathroom at work, is he still able to say the bracha achrona and where does he say it? Does he have to eat more?
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Eating in your car is like eating in one’s house, and it is considered eating in a specific place. If the bracha achrona that you need to say is borei nefashos, you can say it in the office and there is no need to go back to the car. However for al hamichya you should l’chatchila go back to the car and say al hamichya. If you will eat more in the office you can say the al hamichya over there.

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O:CH 178-5, M:B 178-45, Shar Hatzion 178-27

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