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3 Shabbos questions: wearing a jacket around one’s shoulders, making reminders, “magic slate”


1) In an area without an eiruv, can one take off one’s jacket outside on Shabbos and wear it tied around one’s shoulders, or would that be considered carrying?

2) If one suddenly remembers something important on Shabbos (something one needs to do on Sunday), is it permitted to make a reminder (for example by rearranging refrigerator letter magnets to form a word or by putting an object where one will be sure to see it later)? Or would that be considered preparing for after Shabbos?

3) May children draw on a “magic slate” on Shabbos (the kind with metal filings attracted by a magnet)?



  1. It depends if it is the norm for people to walk out in the street wearing their jacket that way. If it is the norm then it is permitted, but if it isn’t, then it should be avoided.
  2. Arranging magnets on the fridge to form words is not allowed on shabbos because it is considered writing, and the placement of the magnets forms letters that are in a way stuck in place, (and on the fridge it might be boneh). Secondly, even to take a bottle and place it in a place that will remind you to do something after Shabbos is also problematic, because it is preparing for after Shabbos.
  3. If the child is below the age of chinuch, it is permitted, however children older then that should not be play with it since it is considered temporary writing.

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