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Is it better to honor SHABBOS by washing the floors for example closer to SHABBOS like on FRIDAY than WEDNESDAY even if on WEDNESDAY your doing it LCHVOD SHABBOS as well?


It is more kavod Shabbos to do things closer to shabbos, because then it is more apparent that it is being done for the Shabbos. However even if it done on Wednesday and it is being done for shabbos it is also included in kavod Shabbos. Additionally, if doing things on Friday will cause the couple stress, which can cause fights and damage the ambiance of Shabbos then they should be done earlier, and that is the kavod Shabbos- to enter the Shabbos in a serene way.

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Magen Avrohom 251-6, M:B 250-2

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    1. True, however the question was regarding Wednesday.

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