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Baby with dirty diaper?


What’s the halacha regarding davening around babies? Am I mechuyav to check their diaper to see if it’s soiled, before davening? Is it considered covered? How about if it doesn’t smell?

Thank you for providing such a valuable service for klal yisroel!


According to a number of poskim, you do not have to check the daiper, however if it smells a brocha may not be said in its vicinity.


R Eliyashiv, brought in Vzos Habracha chap. 16 and Vtain Bracha pg. 19, Shevet Halevi 9-200, Ohr L’tzion 2 6-14. See Nekius Vkavod Btefila 6-54 that R’ N. Karelitz zt”l was machmir on this. Also see Halichos Shlomo (Tefilla) 20-4,5.

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