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Ma’aser on money given to cover “general” expenses


I traveled to visit my non-observant parents over the bein hazmanim. I was given a certain amount of money to cover expenses that would arise during my visit without any particular instructions. Is this nonetheless considered as if the money was given to me for specific use and is therefore exempt from ma’aser?

Thank you in advance!


You do not have to take of ma’aser from the money, since the money wasn’t given to you per se, rather it was given for a certain purpose- that you should pay your expenses while on this trip. It is considered like you are the messenger of your parents to buy these items, even though they are for yourself. If there is left over money, then it would depend if your parent would object to your giving ma’aser from the money or not. If they would object then you don’t have to give ma’aser, but if they wouldn’t mind then you should.


Borach Tzedakah 9-35, ftnt. 48-50.

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