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Can one give evidence of the wrongdoing of another jew


I witnessed a car accident with one driver very clearly at fault to everyone. A car drove right into the side of another car that was stopped at a red light right in front of me.

The light turned green both cars pulled over to the side. I pulled over next to the guy that was hit and I rolled down my window. I told him I saw what happened, and I have it on my dash cam, take my number and call me if you need the footage.

As I’m giving this guy my number the other driver steps out and……’s a jewish guy. 3 minutes later the guy that was hit called me up and said this guy is trying to make up stories I need the video.

Is sending the video telling on another jew providing evidence against him for the police?

Is it a chilul hashem to not send, because he sees I’m also jewish and I’m helping him get away with this even though it’s clear he was in the wrong?



You can and should give it to him-=see Gemara in Bava Kama 113B and Choshen Mishpot siman 28 seif 3. Basically the reason is that you are doing hashovas aveido to a gentile where there is chillul Hashem if not done.

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