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Parve noodles (maybe from dairy pot) warmed in meat soup


I warmed up some chicken soup in a meat pot. I remembered that I had some frozen noodles in the freezer from a few months ago and decided to add them. After it was already cooked together and served into bowls I suddenly worried that I may have originally cooked the noodles in a dairy pot (I didn’t write anything on the bag they were frozen in and I don’t remember, but I usually either cook noodles in a dairy or parve pot). So there is a chance I cooked them in a dairy pot and a chance I cooked them in a parve pot (which was what I originally assumed). If it was a dairy pot – it would be extremely unlikely it was used to cook anything dairy in the 24 hours prior, just because of my general cooking habits).

What is the status of the meat pot? The ladle? The bowls? The spoons?

Thank you!


Everything is fine, in fact even if it was cooked in the dairy pot, you would still be allowed to eat the soup and noodles. This is because of a combination of factors, 1. since they were already mixed, 2. the noodles were cooked in a aino ben yomo pot, and 3. it was nat bar nat. Definitely no need to kasher anything.


Rema Y:D 95-1.

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