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Trimming pubic hair (to prevent a rash)


First of all I’d like to thank you for this service.

I’ve read some your replies on the matter of men shaving and trimming pubic hair (here for example and I have two follow up questions.

1) According to every poll I’ve been able to find, a majority of males at least trim their pubic hair. One article with links to five such studies can be found here

I noticed that you wrote that some poskim write that the norm is determined only by what Jewish males do which would make the information above irrelevant. However, does this mean that according to the other poskim the halacha would now permit shaving or trimming even for purposes of beauty?

2) I’m very prone to developing rashes in the groin area especially when I get sweaty. I believe that removing hair from that area might help. Would this qualify as a medical purpose?

The rashes can get painful to the point that walking hurts because of the friction it causes. It is especially bad when I’m unable to shower due to shabbos, yomtov, or traveling.

I’d like to clarify that I don’t know if removing hair will actually help. The rashes develop when I’m sweaty and the hair does seem to trap the sweat and reduce air circulation. I don’t know how much hair removal would be necessary either.

I’d like to thank you again for the service you provide.



  1. It is hard to determine the halacha from a poll on the internet, as we don’t know which type of people were polled, and which areas they are from. However regarding your question, that if the facts would be true, then according to those poskim it would be permitted. However even those poskim only say that it isn’t forbidden, they don’t say that it is totally permitted, rather not recommended, but not forbidden.
  2. It doesn’t have to be a medical need, even if a person has pain, or rash etc. in that area and this will help, that is also a reason to permit it. In your personal situation, I cannot determine what your needs are, to determine if it will or will not help. Anti fungal powder, (but not on Shabbos if you already have the rash) or even regular powder would most probably help.

Best Wishes



  1. Prisha Y:D 182-5, R’ Akiva Eiger Y:D 182-1,
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