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Did the jews travel in ships to Bavel


Please see Yeshayahu 43:14 with Targum Yonasan and Rashi.

  1. Is it saying that the Jews went to Bavel in ships? If so, do we find this elsewhere in Tenach or other evidence of it?
  2. If they didn’t use ships, how did the Jews get to Bavel?


  1. According to the Targum and Rashi yes. Personally, I am not aware of other places that it is mentioned.
  2. There certainly were Jews that got to Bavel in other ways besides ships, namely by foot. As the Midrash says Yalkut Shemoni (Tehillim 137-1) that Nevedhadnezzar didn’t allow the Jews to sit or rest until they passed the Euphrates river, so that they wouldn’t have a chance to daven, and only after they crossed into Bavel did he let them sit down.

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