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Vaad Bayit monthly fees


I am a tenant in a building in Ramat Bet Shemesh, and the vaad bayit informed me and the other tenants that two building tenants, not disclosing who they are, have not paid their monthly dues in 6 months. This puts an inordinate strain on building maintenance issues. These tenants refuse to pay. One doesn’t give a reason, and the other says he cannot afford to pay the 150nis per month. What is our halachic recourse?


You can take them to beis din or refuse to give them access to building rights-perhaps, there is an elevator and you can refuse their right to use it. Maybe disable the switch that lets them put on the light to the stairway, Perhaps if the tenants are convinced of the lack of money of one tenant they would waive their right to collect and give it to him as tsedoko-they could take off their ma’aser.

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