was אֵלִיָּהוּ ha’navi married at all?

the catholics claim, that he was not. but i don’t know if that is true indeed.



According to one opinion, Pinchas was Eliyahu, and we all know that Pinchas was married, Bireishis Rabba 2.

Even according to those who don’t agree with this, it still appears that he was married. See Bais Shmuel E:H 17-11, who says that although Eliyahu hanavi didn’t die, his wife is still permitted to remarry…

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  1. Rabbi Avraham , the son of the Rambam, in his work “Hamaspik Le’ovedei Hashem” (p. 125) posits that Eliyahu and Elisha never married.
    This idea is also mentioned in the Sefer “Maggid Meisharim”, by R’ Yosef Karo (Mikeitz, ד”ה והאי איהו)

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