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Listening to ambient music during aveilus


During the year of mourning for a parent, is it permissible to listen to the so called “ambient” music, which is not really music but sounds, often repetitive, played at a low volume, to fill the silence of a room. It is used to help concentration and to help me fall asleep at night.


I don’t see why ambient music is different than regular music. The reason why an avel doesn’t listen to music is because it gives enjoyment, and it doesn’t matter whether is comes from a specific musical instrument or created from a machine. The poskim however do say, that if the reason the music is being played is not for enjoyment, rather for a different reason, such as to be able to concentrate or to relax the person so he is able to fall asleep, then it would be permitted.



Hilchos Aveilus Chapter 35.

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