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Power outage and raw chulent


My shul has the practice of making the chulent right before shabbos. This week the power went out 10 minutes before shabbos and turned back on during bein hashmashos.
1. Is the raw chulent ossur since it wasn’t cooked and we aren’t dealing with any chazara and a complete davar lach (very liquid chulent especially when raw).

2. Even is there is a kulah that it went on on bein hashmashos, these are 22 quarts crockpots that easily take over an hour to warm up the chulent, will that make it more problematic?

Thank you for your time. If you can please add sources.


Under the assumption that the shul is doing the sheiya properly every week, this week although it is worse since the fire went off, nevertheless, the cholent is permitted to eat. It is controversial if it is permitted to put food on a properly covered hotplate before Shabbos and a Shabbos clock will turn the hotplate on during Shabbos. In retrospect the food may definitely be eaten, because it is permitted to benefit from malacha done on Shabbos if there are reputable opinions that would permit the action, see M:B 318-2. I don’t understand why the cholent being lach makes any difference regarding shehiya.

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