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Listening to Lashon Hara



My frum boss recently said something that was blatantly lashon hara and for no purpose at all when he made a negative judgement of another frum jew.

He wasn’t telling me for any reason, he just needed to say his perspective on this person.

I was not mekabel and just saw it as his own interpretation based on limited information and who can really know what the reality is.

What do I have to such a situation? Do I have to point out that it’s lashon hara? Do I have to protest? This is my boss and I don’t feel comfortable giving mussar/tochacha to him.Can I just let him say what he feels the need to say and just disregard what he’s saying?

Thank you!


Unfortunately nowadays giving someone mussar about not speaking lashon hora is not really going to make the person change. Especially in your situatioin where you can have a financial loss as a result, so you don’t have to rebuke him for it. If you can’t avod it just make sure that you don’t believe or accept what he tells you, and that you don’t enjoy his saying the lashon hora, then you are fine.

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