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Embarrassed passer by on street


Dear Rabbis,

I embarrassed a passer by on the street. I don’t know who they were, and have no way of finding out.

Is there any way of doing teshuvah for this, like someone who doesn’t know who they stole from can give to a public fund?


Do teshuva for the bain adom l’mokom part, and for the bain adom l’chaveiro part daven that H-shem should put it into the person’s heart to be mochel you.

As a side point, Hagaon R’ Zaidel Epstein zt”l once told me that the best time to do teshuva – even better then Yom Kippur- is on the very day that you did the aveiro- anytime before you go to sleep. The reason being that each night when a person goes to sleep his neshoma gives over everything that it did that day, and it gets enscribed then, but if the person does teshuva that day, it doesn’t even get written down as an aveiro.

H-shem should help that the person should indeed decide that you made a mistake etc. and be mochel you.

Best wishes

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